Fit 4 '14

Jan 28, 2014 5:54 AM by Danielle Lerner

Fit 4 '14: We're Halfway There!

Hard to believe we're already halfway through our challenge! Our final weigh in is set for Saturday, February 22, so it's time to kick things into high gear. Judging by last week's progress report, John and I have some catching up to do.

The four of us are still doing our best to eat clean, although we're all following our own plans, and we're hitting the gym with our trainers at Amped Fitness at least three days a week. I've switched from having protein/beans/greens for every meal, to following a high protein/low carb plan. I've also tried to eliminate as much sugar as possible, except for the occasional handful of berries, or skinny latte (one or two a week TOPS!). This new plan also eliminates a "cheat day," so I'm just focusing on making healthier choices every day of the week.

Our trainer Bryan also suggested intermittent fasting, which involves picking an 8-hour span during the day and only eating in that time. For me, that means eating between 8a.m. and 4p.m. during the week. It was tough at first, but I'm getting used to it and don't feel deprived, since you can pretty much eat as much as you want during those hours. If anything, it's shown me I don't NEED tons of food throughout the day to be satisfied. (DISCLAIMER: check with your doctor before starting any sort of diet/exercise plan to make sure you find the one that's best for YOU!)

I'm also looking for ways to spruce up my meals. Just because I'm eating healthy doesn't mean all my meals have to be boring, right?! I go online for most of my ideas and just discovered this great recipe for egg white casserole on one of the many, many blogs I browse from time to time. It's a quick, tasty dish that's almost ALL protein and veggies!

Looking back on the past three weeks, I can definitely see and feel a difference in my body. My clothes are fitting better, my pants are looser and I've even had a few people say they notice a difference in my face. That said, the scale hasn't moved much, which is frustrating at times. Bryan is constantly reminding us NOT to obsess about the number, but to pay attention to our bodies. That the goal here isn't to drop a whole bunch of pounds as fast as possible, but to train our bodies so they can reach their ultimate potential. In fact, our trainers have even posted that reminder on their website:

"The other factor we must take into consideration is the amount of muscle mass each participant is increasing in their bodies. Muscle weighs more than fat, so when you add a little muscle and decrease A LOT of fat from your body - the end result can be ZERO TOTAL weight lost. So just keep that in mind when starting a new fitness program, the scale isn't the end all be all indicator of your progress."

Well said guys! There is no doubt John and I are both getting stronger, leaner and making serious strides in the gym, and for that I'm both excited and grateful!

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