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Aug 1, 2014 12:57 PM by Edgar Ybarra

Fixer upper home gets a much needed pool fence

TUCSON- In the Catalina foothills there's a fixer upper home with a backyard swimming pool covered in boards. A dry hazard that the Protect-A-Child pool fence company is here to fix.

The home owners, the Russells, have already spent a pretty penny. Samantha Russell said the the money's gone to "updating the electric, especially the plumbing. The grounds, all kinds of critters living here."

For Christopher Bradford of the Protect-A-Child pool fence company, the Russell's situation hits close to home. They have an 8-year-old son, Nick and twin 3 year olds, Suzie and Benjamin.

"I have twins so I can relate, how hard it is to keep track of twins," Bradford said. "When you're dealing with one, the other's slipping off on you. And with boys, as rambunctious as they can be, a fence is really necessary to keep them safe."

Samantha said they haven't had any play groups over at their house which is rough.

"We often go to two or three play dates a week and we haven't been able to reciprocate," Samantha said. "But having this open area just makes us really nervous and I know it would make the other moms nervous."

No need to be nervous any longer after Bradford was done installing the fence. A barrier valued at about $1,200.

Truly a sight for sore eyes Samantha can hardly explain. "Oh It's terrific. It was a REALLY good day."

"I get a lot of job satisfaction out of making pools safe and people feel good," Bradford added. "I'll be able to get home on time to play with my kids."

To see the full story, watch the video above.


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