Jun 20, 2013 10:10 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Flowing Wells residents look forward to safer roads

TUCSON- Children heading to school, no sidewalk and heavy traffic.

It's a dangerous combination for students who attend Homer Davis Elementary School at 4250 North Romero Road.

Leticia Monarrez has two grandchildren attending Homer Davis. She says walking or biking to school is never easy. "The kids are trying to walk along the edge of the road in the opposite direction and keep their ears open for traffic basically," Monarrez says.

Now construction is bringing Monarrez and Homer Davis students a little comfort. "When the cars pass, we're like shaking," says Sarai Reyes, who is entering into the third grade.

The county is in the middle of widening Romero Road, between Wetmore and Roger. The project also includes adding sidewalks to the stretch and better drainage. The project costs nearly $1 million, funded by the RTA, sales tax and County Highway Users Revenue Funds.

"Sixty-percent of the kids who go to Homer Davis Elementary School walk," says Priscilla Cornelio of the Pima County Department of Transportation. "Here they had no sidewalks or way to bicycle, so that is what this project is providing."

The construction will also help cyclists in the area who visit the Flowing Wells branch of the Pima County Library, or the Flowing Wells Community Center. "I get flats all the time because of the road," says Bicyclist Corina Arge.

Arge says especially when school is in session the congestion can get crazy and dangerous. "The cars usually come six inches from me as I'm biking on the roads," Arge says. "It gets a little scary."

She's looking forward to six months from now when construction wraps up and everyone can get on their way, without worrying.

The project also includes an education course on pedestrian safety for Homer Davis Elementary students.


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