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Feb 6, 2012 7:27 AM

Fmr. Wildcats recall Super Bowl experience

TUCSON - Rob Gronkoski is the 26th University of Arizona player to appear in the Super Bowl. Two of those former Wildcats planted roots in Tucson, and every year when the Super Bowl comes around, they are reminded of how special it is to be included in such an exclusive club.

Glenn Parker and John Fina, both live in Tucson and used to play football at the U of A. Between them, they have played in seven Super Bowl games. Fina played two times with the Buffalo Bills. Parker played four times with the Buffalo Bills and one time with the New York Giants.

Fina has two AFC Championship rings. He says as soon as those games ended, he knew he was going to the big game.

"You're overwhelmed with excitement. You know the next two weeks are just going to be loaded with questions and things to do. Your family and your friends are going nuts. It's an amazing feeling," Fina said.

It's an amazing feeling according to Parker as well. However, he says he admits he took it for granted as a rookie.

"I didn't love it as much as I should have. Now, I look back and I go wow. The other four times I very much enjoyed it, that time, I just took it for granted," Parker said.

When Scott Norwood missed what would have been the game winning field goal is Super Bowl 25, Parker was one of the first players to wrap an understanding arm around his shoulder. He says he knew every play in the Super Bowl is magnified.

"Lives are made and broken in that game. Poor Scott Norwood missed it wide right and we've never heard from him again," Parker said.

Fina says the only thing worse than losing the Super Bowl is never getting to a Super Bowl.

"There are guys that play a dozen years that have never made the game, that would probably lay down in traffic to get a ring...just a championship ring, not a world championship ring," said Fina.


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