Apr 2, 2013 12:15 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Former county employee charged with child sex crimes

TUCSON - A former Pima County Parks and Recreation employee has been indicted for alleged sexual crimes against children.

Marco Abarca is charged with two counts of sexual conduct with a minor, under the age of 15.

The alleged molestation took place over a two year period, beginning in 1998 involving a young family member.

He was arrested in February of this year.

One week after his arrest, county officials confirm, the 57-year old retired from his job.

We found Marco Antonio Abarca at his West side home.

He answered the door politely, but refused to discuss the charges against him.

"No I cannot talk to anyone, sorry" said Abarca.

The indictment details that from April 1998 through April 2000 Abarca engaged in sex acts with a child relative under age 15.

It allegedly happened in Abarca's spare room, and again in his bedroom while another relative was in the shower.

Investigators are releasing few details including why it took 15-years for the charges to be filed.

The allegations were tough for some Tucson parents to hear.

"Of course we only want to think about the good of our children, so it's scary to think it can happen in our community," said a father.

His wife adds, "I think it's scary if a child is molested, it's a difficult situation because you don't want someone falsely accused, but you also want to take it seriously because if something like that happens it can have a big impact on a kid's life."

Until his next court date, Abarca has been released to pre-trial services.


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