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Jun 14, 2013 8:45 PM by Lupita Murillo

Former TPD officer is indicted

TUCSON - A court appearance today for a recently resigned Tucson Police officer. Andrea Middleton has been indicted on three counts of computer tampering.

Middleton had been with the police department for eight years. Her last assignment was in Midtown.

Police officials say there was an open investigation against Middleton, but did not go into details.

News 4 asked her attorney Michelle Mozdzen if she resigned instead of being fired?

"No she didn't resign in lieu of being fired. There has been no discipline that's been handed down. This is something that she did of her own free will," she said.

The indictment charges her with computer tampering.

"There's an added level of responsibility that police officers have. And officers are human and they make mistakes and Andrea made some mistakes and she is willing to own up to those consequences and face whatever she has and going forward," said Tucson Police Assistant Chief Brett Klein.

News 4 Tucson learned through court documents Middleton had a relationship with a commander. We're not naming him because he hasn't been charged with anything. However. in those documents, Middelton claimed the commander monitored her actions using law enforcement issued computers and radios on a daily basis.

"We have investigated every matter of this before the Tucson Police Department particularly in this regard. We conducted very thorough investigation and have investigated them throughout their reasonable conclusion and taken whatever action was necessary at the time," he says.

News 4 has learned other officers have been accused of similar situations. Some were disciplined, some quit the force, but few have been charged with a felony.

Mozdzen says, "Yes, that's correct, in the past it was something that faced minimal discipline even within just the department."

Assistant Chief Klein says, "I think what is important to realize is that allegations of wrongdoing by members of our police department are taken very seriously and they are investigated. There aren't situations where we are trying to brush anything aside."

TPD says they did have an open investigation on Middleton and even though she has resigned, the investigation will continue.

News 4 has requested additional court documents and will continue to follow-up as well.


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