Jan 21, 2013 8:12 PM by Lupita Murillo

Former wrestler speaks out about hazing

SAHUARITA - People in Sahuarita are still reacting over the arrest of nine high school wrestlers accused of kidnapping and assaulting a freshman basketball player.

Seniors Andres Vasquez, Jorge Loya-Lopez, and Marcus Stitts were booked into the Pima County Jail last week.

The alleged attack happened Tuesday night in the boy's locker room . Police reports show the three adults and six other teens are accused of hazing. The report shows they pulled the freshman's pants down. At least one student exposed himself and committed a lewd act on the victim.

According to students, this kind of behavior of bullying and hazing was well known throughout the school, however police say it had never been reported to the authorities until now. Some say the "horse play" that's common among jocks crossed the line.

A former teammate who asked to remain anonymous says one of the wrestlers on the team is considered the one of the best on the team.

"They've always messed around but I never knew they would take it that far and do something that serious."

The student, openly talked about the horseplay among athletes.

"It's usually the upperclassman that mess with the freshman you know it's always happened at our school."

He says he even experienced this behavior as an underclassman but not to the extent of what allegedly happened last week.

"It was nothing serious you know just pushing me around we laughed about it was a joke."

But what happened to the freshman basketball player in the locker room was no joke. Former Sahuarita High School student Nydia Mazzei says, "There's a line that shouldn't be crossed and they definitely did something that shouldn't have been done."

Jocks or no jocks this type of behavior is unacceptable and should be reported she adds, "This way other kids can think before they do things like this and they can see there are other consequences to it."

The police report is very graphic about what happened to the victim. There was even talk of additional charges. However News 4 has been told, the victim in the case has not admitted to police some of the alleged sexual acts that witnesses say they saw.


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