Reporter - Danielle Lerner

Nov 22, 2011 6:00 PM

From 256 pounds to a fitness competition, meet this week's Biggest Loser

At 28 years old Rachael Cables says she could barely tie her shoes without losing her breath. Something that now seems impossible when you see her in the gym.

"I was convinced there was something wrong with me and he told me no, I'm pretty sure you're fine, you just need to lose weight," said Cables.

At 256 pounds she was out of shape and exhausted. Now she is fit, strong and 112 pounds lighter.

"I never dreamed this is what would happen," Cables said. "In a million years I never thought I'd be here."

With the help of her personal trainer, Mike, and a revised diet of six to seven healthy meals per day, Rachael not only met her fitness goals, she exceeded them. She dropped from a size 22 to a size 6 and even took part in her first fitness competition this summer.

"I was so proud of myself to get up on stage in a little suit like that and I felt really comfortable actually and it's nice to feel comfortable in your own skin," said Cables.

The journey has not always been easy.

"There were moments when I wanted to quit and I wanted to walk out and be done and just say forget it," she said.

Still Rachael insists, it is far from over.

"You're worth it, you're worth being healthy," Cables said. "I really was the poster child of an overweight person and now I'm really, I think, the poster child of health and fitness and nutrition and it's an incredible journey."

Rachael is recovering from shoulder surgery but says she hopes to enter another fitness competition sometime next year.


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