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Feb 28, 2013 11:59 PM by Kristi Tedesco

Funny, focused and looking for his "forever family"

TUCSON - 12-year-old David is one of the most laid back kids in Tucson. He's shy, with a dry sense of humor. He likes the color red and enjoys math in school. David also likes basketball and football.

David pays close attention to the food and drinks he puts in his body. He tells Kristi's Kids, "I watched a movie the other day about corn. About how fructose corn syrup. 8 out of 10 New Yorkers have diabetes..." He says he tries to tell his friends to cut back on their soda, but they don't really listen.

David's older brother just enlisted in the military. He'd like to keep contact with him. One day, David says, he would like to be a Navy Seal.

If you're interested in learning more about David, contact St. Nicholas of Myra adoptions. Click here:


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