May 30, 2013 12:17 AM by Sasha Loftis

Goodyear woman held in Mexico on drug charges speaks out

NOGALES, SONORA - The Goodyear woman being held in Mexico on drug smuggling charges, spoke to News 4's Mexican counterpart on Wednesday.

Yanira Maldonado will spend at least one more night behind bars, based on what her family refers to as false charges.

"I'm innocent and I'm a good mom. I'm very - I love the gospel," Maldonado said.
"I'm LDS. And, we work hard to have what we have. You know, we're not rich, but we're very honest and we always do our best to help other people."

She was arrested last week, while she and her husband returned from a funeral in Mexico.

The bus they were on was stopped at a military checkpoint, where officers supposedly found marijuana under her seat.

"They asked us to get off the bus and they were checking for drugs and I don't know what else," Maldonado said. "And they say they found something under my seat. But, I never saw anything. They didn't show me anything. It was just amazing, what they did."

They also discussed how she has been coping while behind bars.

"Just reading the scriptures. Reading the Book of Mormon, praying, fasting," she said. "And all of the support that I've been getting from my family, my husband, my children and everybody out there - reaching out to help."

The Mexican soldiers didn't show up to testify on Wednesday, according to her family.

This could mean the case is dropped. A decision is expected by Friday.


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