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Jun 20, 2013 7:19 PM by Kristi Tedesco

Grandmother with drowning past wins pool fence

SIERRA VISTA - In Pima County this year, eight kids have had water emergencies. The most recent, just today, almost took a baby's life at an above ground swimming pool.

This is why barriers are so important and why Kristi's Kids has teamed-up with Pool Guard of Tucson to give away free pool fences.

This month's winner is a family in Sierra Vista already impacted by drowning.

Carol Soliz worries about her backyard pool.

"And all my friends come over and they see me, pretty much, very on edge when every body's here. So they're like, 'you need a fence. You need a fence.'"

The danger of water is all too real for Carol.

"My brother drowned at 34 (years old) in a lake." That was in 2005. "It made me very freaked out about water."

And now? Grandbabies in the house! Tanna is six-months-old and Madison is almost two. Grandbaby number three is due in January.

"And we have friends on the weekends that bring their kids over to use the pool," says Carol.

Carol refuses to live in fear, so she entered our Lifesaver contest. Kristi's Kids made the call.

"And I got off the phone, and I was shaking and I was calling everybody I knew and I said, ‘This is for real.'"

Pool Guard of Tucson was there to do the job, valued about $1,300. The experience is priceless for everyone.

"Because you know we're here to protect their family," says Dane Smith with Pool Guard. "So yeah it's essential. I'm happy to do it and very rewarding."

If you'd like to enter the contest for a free pool fence, click here:


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