Mar 19, 2013 10:36 PM by Lupita Murillo

Graphic documents detail injuries to toddlers

TUCSON - Graphic court documents detail what happened in a southwest side home where police say 18-month-old twin girls suffered severe trauma at the hands of a man living in the home when one of those twins died.

Monique Gaxiola and Kristepher Benavidez are charged with first degree murder.

News 4 Tucson obtained the interim complaint where the couple talked with investigators, and the search warrant, which details what detectives found after searching the couple's Midvale home.

The search warrant lists 31 locations that were searched. The report shows half of those contained possible blood on napkins, a blanket, toilet and sink in the hall bathroom, a kids pink toothbrush, on clothes and rags under a crib. Police also found blood stains in the carpet, and on a white onesie.

Besides blood, detectives found marijuana seeds on the kitchen counter, and marijuana in the master bedroom night stand.

According to the interim complaint, Monique Gaxiola was home with her daughters and their "alleged father Kristopher Benavidez."

The report showed "there is question to the paternity."

Benavidez told investigators, "He went to brush (name) teeth, she began to thrash around. He grabbed her, she hit her head on the sink." The report also indicates "He put her on the bed and left the room to get a towel. When he returned, (name) was sitting the floor. She was crying and she stopped breathing."

The twins were taken to UMC where the report indicates they had "bruises, multiple bite marks, injuries to ears, one appeared to be malnourished."

Gaxiola said, "Benavides caused the bruises to the girls' face by squeezing their cheeks to give them medicine."

Benavidez "Admitted to causing bruising on girls' cheeks, bruises to (name) back and bite marks to both girls."

"Per the parents, (name) ears were full of puss. The parents self-treated the ear infections."

Gaxiola said, "She knew (name) was very thin but she never took her to the doctor."
She said, "she should have taken the girl's to the doctor for ear infections but both her and Benavidez did not want to because of the bruises on the girls."

The remaining twin was listed in serious condition but is expected to survive.


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