May 26, 2014 11:40 PM by Rebecca Taylor

Green Valley father turns in his son for making weapons threats

GREEN VALLEY - Elliot Rodger's history of mental health issues was no secret to his family, the 22-year-old was seeing at least two therapists prior to his killing spree near Santa Barbara, California.

A Green Valley man says he identifies with what Rodger's family might be going through.

Last year, Dan Curran says he turned in his own son for making threats, fearing he'd harm himself and others.

Curran feels his 36-year-old son suffers from a mental health disorder. And if his son acted on the threats he made, Curran says he wouldn't have been able to live with himself.

Headlines of a mass shooting hit Curran in his heart. He's no longer on speaking terms with his son, not by choice, after turning him in to the Pima County Sheriff's Department for threatening to outdo 2013 California shooter Chris Dorner.

"One day he said, I see myself standing in front of my mother and she's on fire and I'm laughing," describes Curran. "Okay, that's a little strange. So then he says to me, and I see you hurt too. And I said who's going to hurt me? He never responded to that."

A search of his son's Green Valley home turned up multiple weapons, ammunition and a grenade. The gunsmith was a corrections officer in Texas, and sheriff's deputy in Virginia.

"My understanding was that they had the bomb squad, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the Pima County Sheriff's Department called out," says Curran.

The department's Mental Health Investigative Support Team or MHST helped him get treatment.

"But yes, he was very angry about that whole situation," says Curran.

Curran says there are some similarities between the Santa Barbara shooting suspect and his son. Like their love of video games, trouble with women, and making vivid statements to harm others.

What's Curran's take home message?

"The only thing I see lacking, is when the Sheriff's Department goes to someone's house to interview them, they need to have some sort of mental health qualified person with them," says Curran, "you can miss things, just like the thing in Santa Barbara."

Curran says he and his son took out restraining orders on one another. He hopes his son is still in therapy, and compliant with his medications.


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