Dec 3, 2012 9:09 AM

Green Valley pups need a place to stay

GREEN VALLEY, Ariz.- Plenty of us love dogs, but don't have the time or money to make one a permanent part of the family.

Now you can enjoy the perks of being a pet owner for a just a few months.

Starting January 7, The Animal League of Green Valley will need to put about a dozen of its dogs in foster homes.

The League is starting on a seven-month long expansion project that includes a new cat wing and a new wing to care for sick or injured animals. "We're going to expand spay and neuter, we're going to increase foster care and we're going to provide medical help for people who can't it," says Ed Zimmermann of the Animal League of Green Valley.

The bulk of construction will happen out back, where several of the dogs are currently staying as they wait to be adopted.

Larry Hall is a volunteer at the shelter and hopes to foster one of the dogs. He says his family travels a lot, so they're unable to adopt. "So in the times that we're home it would be nice to have a dog, to work with and train and everything," Hall says.

Zimmermann says while the no-kill shelter could just take in less animals during the construction process, that wouldn't really go along with its mission. "We feel every animal should have a home, we don't want to put them down just willy-nilly," Zimmermann says.

He says families who foster a dog won't have to do it for all seven months of construction, rather for as long as they can.

To apply to become a foster parent, you can contact the Animal League of Green Valley at 520-625-3170, or visit at 1600 W. Duval Mine Road.


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