Jul 5, 2013 2:19 AM by Nathan O'Neal

Group prepares petition signatures to ban red light cameras in Tucson

TUCSON - While most people spent their Fourth of July enjoying barbecues and fireworks, one group of Tucsonans used it to participate in the democratic process, petitioning for a city-wide ban on red light cameras.

A group of volunteers worked to get every signature they could get because they want their fair shot at getting rid of the red light cameras spread throughout Tucson.

"They rely on intentionally short yellow lights, nobody even knows where the intersection boundary is and that's intentional in order to create driver confusion in order to create revenue and that's not safe," said volunteer Cathy Sproul. "The people of Tucson deserve more."

The city said the red light camera program improves the safety of intersections. Their most recent report found that since 2006, as more cameras were installed, the number of accidents in those roads steadily dropped.

The opposition group has gained traction since March when they began collecting signatures. So far, they have collected roughly 22,000 signatures.

The initiative needs only 12,400 to be verified by the City Clerk in order to make it to the ballot box.

The group plans on presenting their signatures to the city on Friday.


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