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Jun 14, 2014 6:00 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Group raises flag at historic warehouse for Flag Day

TUCSON - A local grassroots group raised a flag at a historic warehouse for the first time in roughly 50 years in honor of Flag Day.

Flags for the Flagless is a local group aimed at reviving existing flag poles that have been abandoned over the years, breathing life and patriotism back into the community.

"Today we're going to raise a flag for the first time, we think, in 50 years," said Mark Berman, the owner of Benjamin Plumbing Supply located just north of downtown.

Charley Foley is one of the founders of the group working to re-energize Tucson's patriotism.

"One hundred feet up in the air you're going to have a nice big flag flying for everyone to see - and there will be more, there are some more flag poles nearby and we're going to put some more flags in the neighborhood," said Foley.


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