Jun 4, 2014 12:17 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Group wants to expand Reid Park by eliminating Randolph Golf complex

TUCSON - A new idea to expand Reid Park is generating a lot of buzz on social media, but among Tucson golfers, it's catching some flack.

A group of citizens want to do away with the Randolph Golf Complex and turn it into a park; they introduced their idea to city leaders Tuesday night.

The group called 'Friends of Reid Park' wants the transformation to include Wifi, as well as an outdoor volleyball and basketball court.

Brisa Gutierrez and her group started the Facebook page "Expand Reid Park" to get the conversation going and to generate ideas.

"We want to partner with various local businesses, and the University of Arizona to invigorate the park and make it a true 21st century self-sustainable park running on solar energy," says Gutierrez. "But that is inclusive of all and can generate profits through these activities, through an outside gym, through membership."

The group wants to triple the size of Reid Park by eliminating the golf course, ultimately dubbing it Tucson's Central Park.

Tucsonan Daniel Lopez and his family are frequent visitors of the park, "I'm fifty-fifty, I'm not with it, not against it. If it happens it happens, change is good."

Not everyone likes the idea, one golfer called it a joke. "I'm wondering how they're going to maintain it? At least golf generates fees," he said.

Golfer and recent UA grad Buddy Cheek says, "I think that it would turn a lot of people away if they couldn't come golf at Randolph, they do a lot of charity events here too."

Jeff Holsen, another representative of Friends of Reid Park says those who do golf, have alternative courses to play at. As for budget concerns, he feels if their idea takes off expanding Reid Park will be a money maker, more so than the existing golf facility.

"We realize that the Reid Park golf course has a small net budget gain, although it's a lot of land for that budget gain, and we envision a better budget for that piece of land," says Holsen.

Friends of Reid Park plans to present a formal presentation to the council in two weeks. The group is also taking input from community members.

Here a link to their Facebook page click here


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