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Jan 16, 2013 7:52 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Gun store owner reacts to president's plan

TUCSON - The owner of Black Weapons Armory said President Obama's gun plan announced Wednesday was an attack on the second amendment.

The president signed 23 executive orders regarding gun control.

Tommy Rompel owns Black Weapons Armory. He said customers are worried about the future, "because the approach he's taking right now is to tear up the constitution remove the second amendment, there's a reason that the ability to protect yourself with firearms is the second amendment."

Jeff Prather, a retired federal law enforcement agent who runs Warrior School: Real Training for Real Life, was at Black Weapons Armory on Wednesday after the president made his announcement.

"It has always been under the second amendment and through the constitution our God given right to defend ourselves but the second amendment is not primarily about protecting yourself with a handgun; it's protecting yourself from lawlessness, in the case of the L.A. riots and a tyrannical government," he said.

Former Arizona state senator Frank Antenori said he read the president's directives and thinks about half are reasonable.

"Not separating law abiding gun owners from their guns but separating criminals and the mentally ill from firearms. I think every gun owner in this country supports separating criminals and the mentally ill from firearms," he said.

For Rompel, a small business owner and gun advocate, the issue is much larger, "if it is about the children, we should be able to protect the children. and the actions are what the problem is. It's not the firearm, it's not the tool, it's not video games. It's personal responsibility."


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