Jun 19, 2013 7:57 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Heat takes its toll on Tucson

TUCSON - The Tucson Fire Department has responded to 16 heat related calls in the last week, a spokesman said.

Captain Barrett Baker said the majority of the calls are from people who have been in the sun for at least a couple of hours.

Baker said it's important to stay hydrated, wear light clothing, sunscreen and a hat while outside.

"Your car has a fuel gauge," he says. "You know when you're getting low on fuel. Our bodies, we don't have that gauge so we have to be very proactive and pre-hydrate and drink as much water as you can when you're not in those elements."

Chris Thomas, a roofer for Progressive Roofing in Tucson, said it gets hot while working on the construction of the new Pima County Courthouse.

"Windows reflects right back on you so you try to do as much work in the morning as possible so by the time the afternoon comes you try to take it easy," he says.

Thomas has tape on the soles of his boots because the heat destroyed his other pair of boots. He said while working outside he watches to make sure his coworkers don't suffer from heat exhaustion.

"We look for redness of the face. If they stop sweating, excessive thirst and basically if they're taking too many breaks if they're sitting down. We need to get them into the shade and cooled off as soon as possible," he says.


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