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Dec 3, 2013 2:11 PM by Brian White

Held Captive: 911 calls, police report released

TUCSON - It was a week ago Tuesday when police rescuedthree girls who were being held captive by their parents.

Tucson Police released transcripts of the harrowing 911 call and a police report. Police aren't releasing the audio tape of the 911 call because they said it was too "heart wrenching."Q. Tucson Police, Yslava.

A. Yes, I'm calling on behalf of some neighbors of mine, they says that their father, or their their neighbor, someone is trying to break into their house with a knife.

Q. Okay. How come they, they don't have phone?
A. They're two young girls and they're very upset. Uh, one's fourteen, one's, one's twelve and they're.....

Q. How did they call you?
A. They came and knocked on our door. And rang our doorbell.

Q. Saying somebody was trying to break in with a knife?
A. Yeah. They said someone was trying to break into their house. Girls stay in, stay inside, don't go outside.

A Yeah um, you see, we were, (redacted) any my mom's husband, I don't know if he's drunk, I don't know if what.....(redacted)

Q. Okay, hold on. And you went to your neighbors' and said you needed help?
A. We need, it's cuz we were just standing there and you see, my mom's husband was trying to pen the door, but he broke it in half. And me and my sister got out of the window.

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