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Nov 27, 2013 6:32 PM by Brian White

Held Captive: Girls report on living conditions

TUCSON - In the interim complaint obtained by News 4 Tucson, statements from the victims and evidence collected detail how three girls lived locked in their room for two years.

Fernando and Sophia Richter are each charged with 6 counts of child abuse. Both suspects are charged with three counts of kidnapping. Fernando Richter also faces one count of sexual abuse of a minor under 15-years-old.

The girls reported to detectives the squalid conditions of their captivity.

In the interim complaint, the girls said they were constantly videotaped in their bedroom. They were required to put on a black cap and raise their hand when they needed to go to the bathroom, the report detailed.

Sophia Richter allowed them to leave once or twice a day to use the bathroom, which was partitioned off with sheets to only allow movement from the bathroom to the bedroom, Chief Villansenor said.

If the girls had to use the restroom more than that, they would have to get permission to relieve themselves in the closet, according to their statements in the report.

The rooms were locked and secured with an alarm that would trigger if the door was opened, Villasenor said.

The girls reported that they were whipped numerous times over the years. Their assailaints used their hands, wooden spoons and wires to whip the girls until they bled, the report detailed.

The girls said they were only fed once a day. When they were rescued, they hadn't bathed in months. Part of the evidence collected included jugs of water with mold and dirty plastic plates. Urine and vomit soaked bedding and clothing were found in one of the girl's bedroom closet.

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