Jun 18, 2014 12:13 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Heroin bust in Tucson, stash found in bedroom closet

TUCSON - It's being called one of the state's largest heroin busts and it went down right here in Tucson.

The bust is part of an 11 month investigation called Operation Smack Talk. It netted 89 pounds of high grade heroin along with seven suspects.

The suspects have been charged with trafficking. Authorities say the heroin was smuggled from Mexico to Tucson and would have been distributed across the country.

Smack is a nickname for heroin, in this case nearly 90 pounds of white heroin was found.

"White heroin is a more refined form of heroin, rather than what we usually see around here, which is tar heroin or brown heroin," said Assistant Special Agent Al Laurita with the Drug Enforcement Administration in Tucson.

On Friday, DEA agents along with Homeland Security and local police agencies served a search warrant on a suspected stash house.

"The heroin was just sitting in a tote in the closet, in a backpack in the closet. It was just sitting there waiting to be transported from Tucson to other parts of the country," said Laurita.

Because the investigation is ongoing officials won't release any details about the home, including its location.

Laurita says the heroin was smuggled into Arizona from Mexico in several vehicles in hidden compartments. One of those vehicles was a BMW.

During the course of the 11 month investigation, 123 pounds of heroin with a street value of $7.5 million dollars has been seized.

"We didn't want to leave anything uncovered. We didn't want to leave anything left, what we wanted to do was not just take the guys here, to where the guys in Mexico found somebody else, and just started sending it to them. We wanted to get everybody, and we've done that," said Laurita.


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