Hittin' the Trails 4 You

Aug 9, 2013 2:15 PM

Hittin' the Trails 4 You: Garwood Dam

TUCSON - This week's trek takes us to Garwood Dam in Saguaro National Park East. The hike starts at the Douglas Spring Trailhead, leading you to the Garwood Trail.

"It's just peaceful. There's a combination of lower desert and you can get up in the foothills", said hiker Alan Baehr.

Surprisingly, the first 1.5 miles is rather flat, giving ample opportunity to take in the sweeping views and unique looking saguaros.

A couple switchbacks greet you on the last few lengths of the Garwood Trail. From there, head left on the Carrillo Trail.

Baehr said, "It's sort of moderate, it's not really hard but it gets you a little bit of a workout".

About two miles later, you'll reach Garwood Dam. While it's a sight to see, it's also a sight to stay off of. There are signs warning hikers not to walk on the dam due to the long drop-off.

"In the late 1940's, a fellow named Nelson Garwood who lived here in Tucson purchased some land out there and decided to have a recreational ranch. He built that dam across Wild Horse Canyon and that was going to provide water for his house, and it did", said Saguaro National Park Guide Jeff Wallner.

There are two options to get back from the dam: you can continue on the Carrillo Trail, which leads back to the Douglas Spring. Or, you can go out and back, which nets a 4 mile round trip hike.

To see the trail map to Garwood Dam, click here.


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