Hittin' the Trails 4 You

Feb 10, 2012 8:10 AM

Hittin' the Trails 4 You: The Douglas Spring Trail

TUCSON - Sitting at the base of the Rincon Mountains, the Douglas Spring Trail gives hikers ample opportunity to soak in their surroundings.

"The trail itself is very easy to follow. We have a natural surface trail, a lot of rock steps put in place and erosional features that makes sure the trail's not going to be washed away when we get those Monsoon storms", said Saguaro National Park East ranger Christopher Morris.

While the trail leads all the way up to the higher grasslands near the Douglas Spring Campground, many do the popular moderate hike to a waterfall 3 miles up. "After a few washes, you get to a nice day hike destination called Bridal Wreath Falls. It's not particularly impressive right now because we don't have any water coming down", said Morris.

Bridal Wreath Falls may lack water, but the flora makes up for it. Wildflowers such as poppies are starting to blossom along the trail.

Some of the plants, especially up in the grasslands, have benefited from previous wildfires. "Much more of a healthy activity to have wildfires on the landscape to be able to replenish some of those nutrients in the soil and to rejuvenate the plant life itself so they can get a leg up", said Morris.

Also calling the landscape home: jackrabbits, coyotes and several birds. Best time to spot these is early in the day, right around sunrise.

For directions and a trail map of the Douglas Spring Trail, click here.

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