Apr 10, 2014 8:49 PM by Lupita Murillo

Homeowner complains to HOA about neighbors weeds, HOA tells him to clean it up

TUCSON - A Tucson homeowner is under scrutiny from his home owners association after he complained about his neighbor's yard overflowing with weeds.

Gilbert Tellez claims he contacted the Mission Vista Homeowners Association two weeks to ask them to do something about the eyesore next door. He claims the house has been vacant for six months.

He says he was told, "They couldn't do anything, all they could do was enforce the rules."

Two days ago he received a letter from the home owners association. It stated, "I needed to clean the weeds west of my driveway. That is not my property."

His property ends at the driveway and goes down the side of the house. The letter also states, "They're planning on fining me $25.00 for each violation."

Some residents are outraged. Ginny Beckman says, "It's not right that Gilbert is getting nailed for something that is somebody else's problem."

It's a problem that's now become the entire neighborhoods issue.

Norma McKee says, "It's just that, an eyesore, and it's breeding a lot of stuff like pollen and probably vermin. It's not good."

It's the only house on the block that's not properly maintained. Tellez has owned the house since 2001, and claims he has always kept his property weed free, and looking nice.

Some of the residents tell News 4 Tucson, they are disgusted with the HOA because it's their responsibility to clean up the weeds. However, it's getting the point where it's a fire hazard so their feeling is they just might bite the bullet and clean it up themselves.

We've reached out to Mission Vista Homeowners Association but have not received a response.


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