Jul 23, 2013 2:13 PM by Rebecca Taylor

Houghton Road flooding concerns eastside residents

TUCSON - The clean up continues from our weekend storms.

Tucson's East side was hit especially hard with flooding, and downed power lines.

A neighborhood meeting was held Monday night concerning improvements to the Houghton Road corridor.

Some residents want the City of Tucson to pay up for flood damages they claim was caused by road construction.

Rain, flooded washes, roads and homes.

"My entire house was full of with dirty water and mud," said a woman who wants to remain anonymous.

She lives along the Houghton corridor, and says flooding caused 25 thousand dollars in damage.

"I had carpet in the three bedrooms, and I had to immediately call someone to suck the water and pull the carpet the following day," says, "because I was afraid, it's so dangerous."

She's one of about 50 people at the Civano Neighborhood meeting, speaking with city officials about emergency response, businesses access and signage.

Drainage trouble was also addressed.

Daryl Cole is the Director of Transportation for City of Tucson.

"During construction do we have rain water that's being pulled across and flowing, yes. Will it be fixed at the end of construction, yes. We'll have full slows," says Cole.

Some residents say the City's open communication is helpful.
While others want reimbursement for damages. Without flood insurance, since they're not in a designated flood zone they want the City to take ownership.

"Of fixing my home, and putting it back together the way it was," says the resident whose home was flooded, "that's what I'm looking for."

Cole says, "Right now we have one home owner we're really concerned with. We have three or four right on the corner of Poorman and Houghton what would be the South East corner, seems to be the low point in the neighborhood. We have our contractor and insurance companies in contact with the neighborhood."

If you couldn't attend Monday's meeting, but have concerns or would like more information about the project click here.

For construction or traffic information concerns:

Urgent/immediate on-site issues
Steve Hoffman
Hunter Construction Co. Field Superintendent

Marcos Torres
City of Tucson Construction Inspector


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