Jun 5, 2014 12:13 AM by Rebecca Taylor

House condemned: 140 pigeons, two people living inside

TUCSON - A Tucson home taken over by pigeons, inside and out has been condemned.

The people living there have been forced to move, so the property can be cleaned up.

The home is located near 6th Street and Campbell. City Code Enforcement workers got a police search warrant to enter the home Wednesday after being denied entrance by the residents last week.

Conditions inside the home are filthy and hot due to lack of air-conditioning.

Animal removal experts as well as our News 4 Tucson photojournalist, wore face masks to enter.

Marc Hammond with Arizona Animal Experts says, "We've already caught 70 inside here, and there's probably another 20 behind this stuff."

He says pigeons took over the one bedroom unit.

"We've probably found at least 15 to 20 nests and there's still more to count believe it or not," he says.

There's no telling how long the two people living there let this go on.

"That's where he slept," says another worker, pointing out two twin beds inside the bedroom.

Neighbors say the residents encouraged the birds by feeding them and leaving the door open.

"I talked to the mail guy once, and he said that he's seen pigeons in and out of the house," describes a man who lives nearby. "Broken windows, pigeons just flying out."

According to the police report City Code Enforcement workers checked on the home May 30th, but were denied access by those living there. Five days later they came back with a search warrant.

The property is long term mental health housing with multiple units. A representative of the homeowner, who cooks for the residents agreed to let officials inside, but denied News 4 Tucson's request for comment.

"She's a slum lord," describes one resident. She says those who have endured the pigeon problem are happy help has arrived.

Insects, rodents and bed bugs were also found. The cost of the cleanup will ultimately fall on the homeowner.

Hammond says 143 pigeons were found inside the home.

"There's about another hundred outside, that's going to take several days for trapping, but we got the majority inside the home here," says Hammond.

Based on what they found, three additional units will also need abatement, uprooting six more people.


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