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Aug 12, 2013 12:02 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Housing is booming near campus

TUCSON - New student housing developments are being built all around the University of Arizona campus.

Isaiah Bruno has been going to the U of A for 3 years and has lived in about a half dozen places.

"It's fun. It's easy," Bruno said. "It's a walk away from anything. You never have to worry about getting home from the bar."

He considers anything within 3 miles of campus a tolerable distance.

"That's a nice easy bicycle ride," Bruno said. "I can do that in a hurry when I got up late. That's s doable thing."

Jennifer Hiatt is the Executive Director of Residence Life and University Housing. She said students perform better academically when they live close to school so they work closely with area apartments.

"That's part of our whole goal," Hiatt said, "is to make sure that we know all about their facility. We can give students everything they need to know about the information, and the amenities that are offered at each of these different apartment complexes."

Only about 7,300 of Arizona's nearly 40,000 students live on campus.

Shaun McClusky's company, Rincon Ventures, manages about 75 properties in the area. He said demand is very high.

"Students start looking for off-campus housing for the following school year in February," McClusky said. "It starts earlier and earlier, because it's becoming more and more competitive on the student side."

He is not worried about modern high-rises hurting his business.

"It gives the students more options, that's for certain," McClusky said, "but there's always still that price point that hits home. And when you're a student, you're pretty much broke."

One of the most prominent developments near campus is the 14-story complex called Level. The building near Speedway Boulevard and Park Avenue will have 176 units and a pool on the roof.


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