Dec 29, 2012 5:56 PM by Erika Flores

How to help non-profits and yourself

TUCSON-Time is running out to save on your taxes.

You have until Monday to get a tax deduction for this year when you make a charitable donation.

It's called the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.

It's a donation that can earn you dollar for dollar credit on your Arizona state taxes.

"It's my way of giving back and helping. Doing my part for the community," said Carolyn Skinner.

Skinner's daughter donated 200 dollars in Carolyn's honor to the Community Food Bank.

"This was my Christmas gift, and that's what we did as far as adults. All my children gave to the local food bank," said Skinner.

You can claim up to 200 dollars as an individual or up to 400 dollars as a couple on your tax return if you donate by Monday.

"We just really appreciate anything the community can do to help us," said Bill Carnegie with the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.

The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona is a qualifying non-profit that needs your help this year.

"Right now we're struggling a little bit because we are down 500 thousand dollars," said Carnegie.

Carnegie said the food bank is trying to secure as many donations as they can to assist the 225 thousand people a month that use their services

"We're still actually seeing our numbers increase every month so to have contributions go down means that we may need to make cuts somewhere and not sure what those might be at this point. We just hope that the community really comes through and supports us," said Carnegie.

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