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How Tucson can help Oklahoma

*Contact information and a listing of supplies that are needed are towards the end of this story*

TUCSON - While Tucsonans are enjoying lots of sunshine, residents here, with friends and relatives in Oklahoma, are worried about the severe weather they are dealing with there.

A few have connections to people directly impacted by the devastating tornadoes.

Starla Jones lives in Sierra Vista a long way from Oklahoma but distance could not calm her fears after she learned a tornado had hit, Little Axe, Oklahoma, the small town where her cousin, Shawn Morrison lives.

On Sunday Morrison's home was destroyed by a tornado that touched down in Shawnee and Little Axe just outside of Norman, Oklahoma.

Shawn Morrison and his family fled their home as the storm approached. When they returned to the house on Monday Morrison says he was devastated by what they found, "Basically it looked like the house just blew up. The only thing that survived was my mother in laws room which was in the basement and the basement was the only thing standing."

The house is a total loss, little remains, belongings scattered everywhere. But where one item turned up made Morrison begin to understand the incredible force of the tornado that destroyed his home.
"I wasn't really freaking out about the house until I got a message sent on Facebook saying that they found a picture of my wife, me my daughter when she was a baby in Sapulpa."

Sapulpa is a town more than 60 miles away from Little Axe. The picture was in a frame in their house when they left on Sunday. They now have that picture but little else is left. Morrison says he has no insurance, but despite it all he says he is incredibly blessed, "I have a daughter who is eleven, a son that's nine and another son that's two, so yes, I am very thankful.

Starla Jones says she is very concerned for her cousin and says right now Shawn and his family are living in a hotel.

Here in Tucson organizations like World Care are already putting together relief efforts.

Below is information on how you can contribute.

World Care Collection for Midwest & South Tornadoes
Drop Off at 3538 E. Ellington Place

World Care Civilian Emergency Relief Center is collecting emergency relief supplies for victims
of the recent and ongoing tornadoes and storms in the Midwest. Yesterday's tornado in Oklahoma left two dead and caused severe damage. More than 60 million Americans are still at risk as severe storm and tornado warnings persist throughout the region. The recovery efforts will support both short and long term needs as the disaster recovery process continues. Both funding and supplies are needed to assist the victims of the disasters. Volunteers are also needed to assist with sorting and packaging supplies to send to the affected areas.

Donations can be made at World Care or at any of A Family Discount Storage's 17 locations.

A list of A Family Discount Storage locations can be found here: http://www.afamilystorage.com/
Cleaning/Shelter Needs
Gloves, mops, brooms
Buckets, sponges
Garbage bags
Blankets, sleeping bags
Pillows/pillow cases
Food (In date and not
expiring for 3 months)
Ready-to-eat canned meats
Canned goods
Canned juices, canned
Baby food/formula
Instant ready to eat foods
Instant protein drinks
Powdered milk, dry cereals
Peanut butter/jelly
Crackers, granola bars
Towels, Toothpaste,
Toothbrushes, dental floss
Shampoo and Conditioner
Nail clippers
Soap, Liquid detergent
Razors/shaving cream
Toilet paper
Feminine hygiene products
Diapers (adult and baby)
Bar soap
Hand sanitizers, deodorant
Medical (First Aid and
OTC Only)
OTC pain relievers
Liquid Band Aid
Anti-diarrhea medication
Gauze, sterile and nonsterile
Hypo-allergenic adhesive
Tools (Non-power)
Shovels, Hammers, Screw
Flashlights and lanterns
Cell phone chargers
Work Gloves
Dog and cat pet food (dry,
in bags, unopened)
Canned food
Collars and leashes
Carriers, Cat litter
Pet bedding
Monetary donations are appreciated and can be sent to our address or you can safely donate
on our website at www.worldcare.org.
3538 E. Ellington Place Tucson, AZ 85713
Phone: (520) 514-1588 Fax: (520) 514-1589

World Care began in 1996 and is a secular, nonprofit organization headquartered in Tucson. Every day World Care supports more
than 150 local agencies and nonprofits with supplies as well as rapidly responding to national and international disasters with
humanitarian aid. World Care holds the top four-star efficiency rating from Charity Navigator and is recognized by the Better
Business Bureau.


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