May 24, 2013 10:20 AM

How Tucsonans can help our furry friends in tornado-ravaged Oklahoma

TUCSON- As the recovery effort continues across Oklahoma, it's not just the people there fighting to find a sense of normalcy.

Their pets also had to ride out the storm and if they were lucky enough to survive, chances are now they can't find their rightful owners or homes.

"After the storm hit there were just a ton of dogs coming in with lacerations and paw injuries," says Lisa Robinson.

Robinson works in the Tucson office of a national non-profit called the "Petfinder Foundation". "The Petfinder Foundation was actually formed around the time Hurricane Katrina hit," Robinson says.

Since the tornado touched down in Oklahoma, Robinson and her team have been on the phone and online, trying to find out what the Oklahoma animal shelters need. "They're expecting anywhere from 300 to 400 additional dogs, as well as cats," Robinson says.

They work to raise money to provide things like vaccinations, extra dog beds and food. "They have seen a significant amount of pets that are coming in with injuries and so they'll have to do minor surgeries," Robinson says.

So far Robinson and her team have helped Petfinder Foundation donate $15,000 to two grateful shelters. "It's just unbelievable joy in their voice and it just makes what we do just so much better," Robinson says.

And while there is still a long road ahead, there is comfort in knowing organizations like Petfinder are willing to help now and the next time a disaster strikes.

Since the Petfinder Foundation started in 2003, it has given away millions of dollars to shelters impacted by disaster.

To find out how you can help, www.petfinderfoundation.com/

You can also check out their Facebook page: "Petfinder Foundation".


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