May 7, 2014 11:49 PM by Rebecca Taylor

I'm Shmacked tours the University of Arizona, video goes viral

TUCSON - An entertainment film crew called I'm Shmacked recently paid a visit to the University of Arizona.

Their video showing intoxicated students, many in swimsuits, is their latest to go viral on the internet.

While some students feel the party video casts a negative light on the UA, others say it entices future students to enroll here.

The video filmed April 6th shows iconic images of the UA alongside booze-fueled ones.

I'm Shmacked, a Washington D.C. based event company tours the country hosting parties for college students 18 and over.

Tickets were sold in advance and much of the filming took place at a Southern Arizona water park. It's the second time I'm Shmacked has featured the UA.

"There's like a bunch of girls making out in the videos and stuff," says a student, "I don't know, it just kind of makes our school look trashy."

"I disagree, I don't think it looks trashy. I think it looks fun," says another student. "And if I didn't go to UA and saw that video I would be like, I need to move to the UA now."

Online comments include, "So dope. Hopefully transferring there soon." Another says, "Might be coming here next year, can't wait to meet all the beautiful people." "U of A class of 2018, can't wait for you guys come there pool season 2015!!!," reads another. "Looks like quite the institution of higher education lol," another post reads.

Kendal Washington White, VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students provided an email statement to News 4 Tucson.

"I support students' social activities yet am always concerned about personal safety, particularly alcohol consumption by minors, the impact inebriation has on decision-making, etc. The long-term concern regarding any individual choosing to allow themselves to be represented in what some may perceive as negative, has an impact on future employment and other opportunities."

Her email goes on to say, "The video is neither a positive or negative reflection of the University of Arizona, as the participants represent a small fraction of our student body. Again, I do not condemn students for engaging in parties and the like, I just hope they are making good decisions, setting limits, and looking out for their personal safety."

I'm Shmacked videos provide this disclaimer 'no alcohol or illegal substance is used during the filming, just props'.

Elsewhere in the country I'm Shmacked gatherings have led to student arrests and suspensions. UA police are not aware of any trouble, during this year's tour stop in Tucson.


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