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Feb 13, 2014 10:20 AM by John Overall

Inspection reports for Los Betos, U-Like Buffet, Chopstix

TUCSON - Pima County Health Inspectors may have cramps in their hands after writing up so many critical violations this week. And the new owners of a local buffet got served with the most citations.

The health inspector didn't like what he witnessed at U-Like Buffet on South Wilmot.

Eight critical violations and two non-critical violations. A tub of chicken kept at room temperature. It should have been kept at 41 degrees minimum.
A cook observed eating, blowing his nose, and stepping outside to smoke. Then, without washing his hands, he grabbed a utensil used for cooking shrimp.

A server dropped a glass onto the floor, picked it up, then used it to scoop ice into a customer's glass.
Raw eggs and chicken were stored above uncovered foods. That is a potential risk for cross contamination.

And a wire scoop with a large amount of food particles stuck to it. Those are just a few of the violations cited.
U-Like Buffet gets a Provisional rating.

Chopstix Asian Diner on South Palo Verde was written up with four critical violations and three non critical violations.

Cooked chicken, egg rolls, and noodles were stored at room temperature for 2 1/2 hours. Several food items were stored in containers so heavily damaged they can't be properly cleaned. And cooked poultry and pork were stored without the proper "use-by" date.
Chopstix Asian Diner, Needs Improvement.

Los Betos Mexican Food on West Ajo Way was cited for two critical violations and three non critical violations.

A bowl of exposed meat was stored in contact with exposed hot dog buns.
And there was no hot water available for employees to wash their hands or to properly clean the equipment.
That critical violation alone was enough to earn Los Betos a Needs Improvement grade until the plumbing problem can be fixed.

Here are three restaurants that earned excellent ratings.
Harvest Moon Chinese Cuisine on North Oracle, Wild Garlic Grill on North First Avenue, and Anna's Kitchen on East Broadway.


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