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Sep 27, 2013 4:57 PM by Sean Mooney

Inspectors discover unwanted pizza ingredients

TUCSON - Pima County's Health Inspectors were on patrol again this week to make sure the places where you dine are safe.

Hungry Howie's Pizza, at 3122 N. Campbell Ave., received 2 critical violations. A large bucket holding water for pizza dough had heavy black dirt buildup on the inside of the container. Tomatoes were being sliced on a cutting board that was covered in dirt, described as black. With both violations corrected during the inspection, Hungry Howie's Pizza was given a "Good" rating.

Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen, at 7265 N. La Cholla, received 6 critical and 3 non-critical violations. An employee was seen wiping his face with a paper towel. He then put on gloves without first washing his hands and continued to prepare food. Several items in the kitchen, a food slicer, metal pan lids, and a bus tub, were observed with encrusted with food debris on them. Hot held food tested below the required minimum 130 degrees with cooked mushrooms tested at 68 degrees and cooked peppers at 71-degrees. A non-critical violation cited the accumulation of soil and debris throughout the facility. With more than 5 critical violations Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen was given a "Provisional" rating.

Two weeks ago, News 4 reported that Linh-Nam Chinese Restaurant, at 3936 W. Ina, and Ali baba Restaurant, at 2545 E. Speedway, received "Needs Improvement" ratings. The Pima County Health Department has confirmed that both restaurants passed reinspeciton.

Restaurants awarded "Excellent" ratings include, Iguana Cafe, at 210 E. Congress,Tino's Pizza, at 6610 E. Tanque Verde and Chick-fil-a, at 1303 E. University

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