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Apr 20, 2013 12:10 AM by Lupita Murillo

Investigation continues for Isabel Celis

TUCSON - Tucson police haven't given up hope of finding Isabel Celis.

This weekend will be a year since the child vanished from her bedroom.

Every file, every tip, every person interviewed in the Isabel Celis case is information that's cataloged at the Tucson Police Department.

Police Chief Roberto Villasenor says, "We've divided this case now into 10 or 12 different segments now. And we've assigned detectives follow up responsibilities and due dates when they have to report back what they have found in that segment of the investigation."

For the first few months an intense investigation centered around police at the Celis' house, canvassing the neighborhood, and interviewing sex offenders who lived within the area. Even K-9's searched for the six-year-old.

U.S. marshals also reached into Mexico to search across the border.

To date, police have received more than 2,000 tips and still no sign of little Isabel.

So now detectives are going over the different segments of the investigation. "We look into every aspect of the case to see did we miss something, because of such volumes of information coming in, did something get bypassed? We have to make sure we didn't do that."

Chief Roberto Villasenor says the investigation has slowed down.

"We average maybe two or three a week of investigative leads that require follow up a lot of them are repeat information, a lot of them don't pan out but we can't leave anything unturned so we follow up on every single lead we get."

Of all the federal and local agencies originally helping out, only one remains. "We still have some analytical support by the FBI and we run things by that every once in awhile."

As frustrating as it's been for Tucson police, it's even more so for the Celis family. They say they are not getting answers from police and not even getting phone calls returned. They don't believe it was a random act. Sergio Celis says, "I don't understand how someone could walk into this house take our little girl walk away and so far be this scot clean for them to say they have absolutely nothing."

When asking Chief Villasenor if they were looking at the parents, his reply, "We are looking at everyone."

Becky Celis says, "In the end, the people who know us they know us, and I'm not going to try and defend something that is a waste of my time. Eventually as Sergio said eventually the truth will come out."

Chief Villasenor says,"it's probably one of my greatest hopes as a chief that we will find her."

On April 21st at 9:15 am there is a mass scheduled at Saint Joseph's Church located at 215 South Craycroft Rd.

There will be a day of safety and awareness at Peter Piper Pizza across from Park Place Mall.
There will be arts, crafts, Ben's Bells.

Donations accepted through Wells Fargo: Bring Isa Home account.


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