Oct 31, 2013 1:12 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Ironwood Ridge students delete racist tweets

TUCSON - Complaints of harassment and racism at Ironwood Ridge High School. Since our story aired Tuesday, is anything more being done?

Questionable Twitter posts News 4 Tucson aired Tuesday, written by students at Ironwood Ridge, have now been deleted, their accounts set to private, and one student makes a public attempt to clarify their words.

A Tucson family says their two children have been victims of racism and hate crimes while attending Ironwood Ridge. They turned to News 4 Tucson after they claim five years of reporting it, the district sat idle.

The father says, "It's not being taken seriously, it's not being taken seriously at all."

The mother says, "What do you say to your child about racism, when you have never experienced it yourself?"

She says incidents include: food thrown at them, the N Word written on their desks, and cyber bulling.

"Social media harassment, with name calling, the N Word being put on Facebook," describes the Dad.

Recent Twitter posts, photos of the KKK and racial slurs are now deleted or set to private.

The student encouraging upperclassmen wear white clothing, now retracting the statement posting, "it was not meant to represent anything racially discriminating".

Once again, News 4 Tucson reached out to the district. They denied our request for a one-on-one interview, saying the investigation and their interviews with students are ongoing.

After school, students and parents were buzzing about their school making headlines.

"I haven't witnessed anything, my son, we're Hispanic, he hasn't had any issues," says one parent.

"I personally have not seen any racism, just in my group of friends," says a student.

The family who came forward, and the families of four black football players who this year transferred schools, would disagree.

"I can't make my child stay at a school, where I feel his or her life is in danger," says the mother.

These families tell News 4 Tucson, that since going public with their concerns school officials are no longer taking, or returning their phone calls.

Last week, they met with the principal, and NAACP for guidance.


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