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Feb 15, 2013 4:06 PM by Sam Salzwedel

Isabel Celis missing 300 days, family still hopeful for safe return

TUCSON - It has been 300 days since Isabel Celis went missing.

Isa's parents, Becky and Sergio Celis, have returned to work and are still raising their 2 sons.

"It's been as long as it has been and not to have her back," Becky Celis said, "that's harder for me."

They say they do not have any problems with people like coworkers asking about the case.

"They're just extremely supportive," Sergio Celis said, "and they leave it up to me if I want to mention anything or say anything."

Sometimes strangers will recognize them and say they are praying for the family.

"I love to hear that," Becky Celis said, "because it just makes me feel good for that little minute."

They avoided media attention at first, but they say they realize they have to keep the case in the news.

"If it means doing interviews or doing a show here and there," Sergio Celis said, "whatever we need to do, I just need her home."

They have hired private investigators and try to talk to Tucson Police every few weeks.

The parents have no feelings or guesses about where Isa might be.

There are no major updates in the case, but police still have staff working full-time on the investigation, according to Tucson Police.


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