Apr 21, 2013 7:41 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Isabel Celis missing one year later: family reflects, moves forward

TUCSON - The family of a Tucson girl who went missing one year ago today is coping with the milestone by embracing the community.

It's been 365 days since the Celis family saw their daughter Isabel who went missing and the family is looking forward to little glimpses of hope that their daughter will return.

The family gathered with the community in a special mass dedicated to Isabel on Sunday morning, a display of a community bound together by a family ripped apart.

"Our family is truly blessed that we have Tucson, the whole community behind us... still praying and still remembering our daughter," said Isabel's mother Becky Celis.

Her parents, Sergio and Becky, say it's their faith that keeps them going.

"We pray every day and that's what gets us through.... the praying and having that hope," Becky said.

Sergio and Becky insist that they still have hope that their daughter is still alive and will return one day.
"We can't be broken when she comes home. We need to be strong for her and that's what we try to do every day is keep ourselves strong," Becky said.

The family continued their day of hope at a Peter Piper Pizza to provide a safe place for kids and spread awareness about Isabel. They even offered up fingerprinting for the kids to keep them safe.

"You never know. One day your child can go outside and they could be gone and it's just a way to keep kids safe, the community safe," said Loreena Corral, a volunteer.

A final gesture was made in the afternoon. One purple balloon for every single day Isabel has been missing released as a symbol to move forward from the past.

"Those are the days that are gone and now it's Isa's time to come home and those [days] are in the past," Becky said.


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