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Feb 16, 2013 11:19 PM by Sam Salzwedel

January 8 victims lobby congress in DC

TUCSON - Gun violence victims, including January 8 shooting survivors, went to Washington D.C. to lobby for more gun laws.

They want background checks on all gun sales and limited magazine capacity among other things.

Pat Maisch took a magazine away from Tucson's mass shooter on January 8, 2011.

"It is the time," Maisch said. "Twenty little children were murdered."

They held a news conference at Christina-Taylor Green Park on the Northwest Side Saturday. The park is named after the youngest shooting victim on January 8.

Vicki Walker went to Washington. Her husband and daughter were murdered with a gun back in 2000.

"It changed our life forever," Walker said. "No one should have to go through what we've gone through, or any gun violence survivors have gone through."

Mayors Against Illegal Guns paid for 120 gun violence victims to go to the capitol for the State of the Union address. Only a few saw it in person. They spent their time talking to members of congress and the media.

Many gun owners think new laws will violate the constitution.

Tommy Rompel owns Black Weapons Armory. He performs a background check every time he sells a gun. He does not think private sales between 2 people should be restricted.

"There is no way to enforce a national background check system without creating a complete nationwide registration system," Rompel said. "Eventually, it gives them room for confiscation."

He also does not want magazine capacity reduced.

"If someone's attacking me," Rompel said, "there should be no restriction on my ability to protect myself."


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