Nov 5, 2013 12:21 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Jeweler hit by accused counterfeiter speaks to News 4 Tucson

TUCSON - A Tucson woman accused of ripping off local businesses by spending counterfeit cash is in federal custody. After weeks eluding authorities Tiffany Tyler Brennan turned herself in.

The 44-year-old is suspected of purchasing items with phony hundred dollar bills then taking off with the change and the merchandise.

Owners of a jewelry shop are relieved Brennan decided to surrender. They say they'd hate to see even more local businesses taken advantage of.

Multiple businesses captured surveillance video, apparently catching the suspect in the act.

Carlos Diaz Jewelers is a family owned shop. 55 years in business, they've never been given counterfeit money until now.

Maria Creighton with Carlos Diaz Jewelers says, "It was very devastating because my dad who is 86 years old and trusts the world, he's simple, very humble. She was here for like 45 minutes to a hour, telling a religious story, and then to turn around and shake his hand after giving him a $100 bill."

According to the Arizona Department of Corrections, Brennan served two years in prison for criminal possession of a forgery device, and a dangerous drug violation.

In recent weeks, Brennan is accused of spending counterfeit $100 bills. A closer look reveals the edges are faded, it's really a $5 bill that's been bleached and reprinted.

Multiple hair salons and a pumpkin patch run by the Tucson Girl's Chorus fell victim. There could be more, the Secret Service is investigating.

Brennan's attorney declined our request for comment.

Creighton says, "I hope that the judge will give her some hard time, not only her but anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps. Maybe they'll think twice about doing something like that."

Eleven days ago Brennan was arrested on marijuana charges and released. She's due in court later this week.


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