Dec 16, 2013 11:11 PM by Rebecca Taylor

JFK statue stolen from Presidio Park in Tucson

TUCSON - A piece of Tucson history, the bronze statue of John F. Kennedy is missing, stolen off its pedestal base over the weekend. The bronze bust was erected in 1964, one year after the President's assassination.

The bronze statue bust of J.F.K. wearing a coat and tie was ripped clean off its granite base, bolts and all.

A city parks employee discovered the headless pedestal and reported it Monday.

"Well it's awful," says a park visitor named Joe. "And you'd think people have better things to do with their time."

Judy Johnson says, "I don't know why people do that type of thing."

While Presidio Park is equipped with surveillance cameras, they didn't catch the theft over the weekend. The cameras are live, not recorded.

"I can't believe somebody would take that. That's terrible," says Judy.

Her husband, Bill says, "It's one of those things where, everyone can remember where they were that day."

According to city officials, before it was Presidio Park it was known as John Fitzgerald Kennedy plaza. Six months after he was assassinated the mayor and council voted to name a new park at Mission and Ajo in his memory.

Joe says, "What would you do with it? That's what I want to know, what would you do with it?"

"What is your message to someone who may have done this," asks News 4 Tucson's Rebecca Taylor. Bill responds, "This is a piece of history, it's just a shame that someone is stealing a piece of history. Seems that people could leave things like that alone and put their time and efforts to better use."

Judy says, "And it's a loss for everyone in Tucson."

One of the statue's donors is the Pima County Democrats. Their spokesperson hopes whoever stole it, does the right thing by returning it.


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