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Aug 27, 2013 6:36 AM by Brian White

Judge: Woman who killed UA dormmate in bloody stabbing eligible for parole

TUCSON - Galareka Harrison was back in court Monday to try to get her life sentence reduced.

Harrison was convicted in 2007 for killing Mia Henderson.

Harrison's lawyers convinced the court to grant Harrison parole despite objections from prosecutors.

Eight people-- the victim's family and friends-- stood up to speak.

They told the judge what a blessing Mia Henderson was in everyone's life. They pleaded with the judge to keep Harrison's sentence as a natural life sentence.

The prosecutor reminded the judge about the crime. He said Harrison sliced and stabbed her dormmate.

Autopsy reports revealed that one of Henderson's stab wounds was seven inches deep.

The prosecutor said no psychological report could justify the brutal crime.

He said the nature of the murder could not be mitigated of the trauma of her upbringing or the stresses of school. The prosecutor also insisted there was no legal basis to alter the sentence.

The defense attorney argued that this murder was very out of character for Galareka Harrison and that she suffered from an untreated anxiety disorder.


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