Nov 7, 2013 1:20 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Junk cars and yard sales, City amends ordinance

TUCSON - A public hearing on proposed amendments to a city ordinance drew a big crowd at City Hall Wednesday night.

It's the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance to keep Tucson neighborhoods clean. Up for discussion was limits on how many yard sales one household can have, where inoperable vehicles can be parked and how outdoor storage should be maintained.

The amendments passed unanimously, but not everyone in the audience was for it.

Some consider clunkers parked in plain view eyesores.

Another example is when front yards and door steps are turned into storage lots, and when yard sales run seemingly permanent.

After months of discussion, public hearings and an online survey, council members sought additional limits.

Here's the breakdown: four yard sales per house, per year. Junk vehicles must be stored in an enclosed fence, in the rear or side yard of the residence.

Outdoor storage, exteriors, gutters, and decorative ornaments must be maintained.

Some Tucson residents support the amendments, an audience member named Colette says, "We now have more renters than we did in 2003, and more of them are having to contend with landlords who are lax with property maintenance."

Others feel the rules punish responsible yard sale hosts and place restrictions on people's private property. Some feel the ordinance should operate on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis.

Les Pierce is against the amendments, "Yard sales are, despite the great worker uprising, a reminder that not all of us have cushy jobs with air-condition with decent salaries."

In the end the amendments passed. How will it be enforced? City leaders say it's complaint driven, neighbors can keep track and report problem houses.

To report a violation the city has an online form, and hotline.


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