Feb 5, 2014 11:15 AM by Matt Perez

Jury scam continues to spread

TUCSON - Recently Pima County residents have been contacted by possible scammers who inform them that they have an outstanding warrant for their arrest for failure to show up for jury duty. After News 4 Tucson and other local media put out the warning, more potential victims have come forward.

After the inital contact, the potential scammers instruct them that they have only two hours to bring $2,000 to a specific location. The scammers then inform the residents if they fail to provide the funds in the time parameter at the location then they will be arrested.

The individuals calling cite the Deputy District Attorney's Office and judge, but both of the names used have been fictitious.

The scam has only recently been discovered by the jury office on the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County after they received calls from Pima County residence informing them of the situation.

This incident is not isolated with more calls Tuesday.

In reality people who fail to appear for jury duty the jury office simply sends the juror a postcard that states:

FAILURE TO APPEAR NOTICE: Our records indicate you failed to appear as instructed for jury service on the date noted above. SECOND SUMMONS NOTICE: You must immediately call the jury office at 724-4222 to reschedule your jury service. Failure to contact the jury office may result in further action being brought against you by this Court as prescribed by Arizona law. WWW.SC. PIMA.GOV/JURY

If contacted by anyone claiming you have a warrant for failing to show for jury service immediately contact the jury office in Arizona Superior Court in Pima County at 520-724-4222. The jury staff will inform you if there is any outstanding warrant for jury duty. The Superior Court also suggests contacting police and reporting the incident.


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