Jun 28, 2013 9:43 PM by John Patrick

Keeping Reid Park Zoo critters cool

TUCSON - Zookeepers are working hard to keep Reid Park Zoo animals cool.

People and pets aren't the only concern in this extreme heat. We have lots of animals living in Tucson not used to the desert heat; we're talking about the animals at the Reid Park Zoo.

As temperatures climb above 110 degrees zookeepers use extra precautions to take care of the animals. Fans, misters, extra water and special popsicles are all made available to the animals. The zookeepers say the popsicles area a great way to keep them cool and hydrated.

For the Andean Bears "Worfy" and "Lucy" the frozen treats include mixed fruits and veggies. The carnivorous jaguars favor their popsicles in blood or fish flavor. Even the giant Galapagos tortoises enjoy a good soaking several times a day to stay cool.


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