Dec 12, 2012 8:34 PM by Sean Mooney

Kids launch "Sticker Shock" to keep liquor away from minors

TUCSON - With everyone getting in the holiday spirit, students from Lauffer Middle School are hoping to keep "spirits" away from minors.

They call themselves the "Blue Tigers" and they launched their "Sticker Shock" campaign today.

According to dosomething.org, alcohol kills 6.5 more teenagers than all illicit drugs combined. The "Sticker Shock" campaign targets adults who might be willing to buy or provide alcohol to kids under the age of 21.

The "Blue Tigers" designed the stickers themselves. According to Lauffer student, Luis Raygoza the plan is to plaster the stickers on alcoholic products in stores throughout their community to keep underage kids safe, "Basically a lot of people buy and purchase alcohol for kids who shouldn't be drinking it yet."

It is estimated that 1 in 5 minors get alcohol from a parent or family member. Lauffer Middle School, teamed up with the Liberty Partnership Kino Neighborhoods Council and other community organizations to spread the word.

CODAC Behavioral Health Services Prevention Trainer, Mayra Ramos said adults should think twice before buying a minor alcohol, "With this "Sticker Shock" campaign we want to warn adults that there is lots of risk purchasing alcohol for minors, it causes a lot of risk for them and it is illegal."

Carniceria Del Valle, at 2611 W. Drexel, is the first store to sign on to the program. Store Owner, Rafael Martinez says it is the right thing to do for the community. "(I am) helping this campaign because (I) don't want kids underage to be buying beer or adults buying beer for their children."

The "Sticker Shock" campaign will run through New Years and they then plan to bring it back around graduation time. If you are affiliated with a store that would like to get involved in the sticker shock program contact Mayra Ramos, CODAC Prevention Trainer, at 520-623-3533.


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