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Nov 21, 2012 4:06 PM

Kitchen Cops Breakdown: What the weekly ratings actually mean

TUCSON - Pima County Health Department Inspectors evaluate more than one hundred eating establishments throughout Pima County every week.

An inspection report consists of 28 categories covering the following areas: Cooking, holding and cooling temperature controls, Employee health and hygiene, Prevention of contamination, Food condition and source, Date marking and disposal, Demonstration of food safety knowledge, Time only as a food safety control, HACCP plan followed, Consumer advisories and protection, and Standard operating procedures.

If an infraction is found, the establishment is given a critical violation. The overall ratings are based on just how many critical violations are given. Inspected sites receive one of the following ratings upon :

E = Excellent: No critical violations were noted at the time of the inspection.
G = Good: Critical violations were found but all were corrected with the inspector on site.
N = Needs Improvement: Critical violations were observed and not corrected at the time of the inspection.
P = Provisional: Given when there are 5 or more critical violations.

For the latest Pima County Health Department ratings of restaurants around Southern Arizona, tune in to Kitchen Cops, Thursdays at 10 p.m. on News 4 Tucson!


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