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Oct 26, 2012 11:01 AM by Sean Mooney

Kitchen Cops dive into sub shop inspection

TUCSON - On the beat with Kitchen Cops. Pima County Health Inspectors out on the prowl, keeping the food served to you safe. This week a recurring theme with a restaurant falling short of what inspectors determine as clean.

East Coast Subs received two critical and one non-critical violations. The inspector observed food debris and sauce on the walls of the kitchen. Dried food debris was also found on refrigeration units and a can opener. Excessive grease buildup was seen on an exhaust hood, on equipment and on the floor. An employee handled sandwich items with bare hands. All violations were corrected during the inspection giving east coast subs, at 187 N. Park Avenue, a "Good" rating.

In a statement owner Keith McNesby said, "For 14 years we have been the filet mignon of sub shops. Our attention to detail with all aspects will not be overlooked...again!"

Taqueria El Buen Pastor, mobile restaurant, received two critical violations. Due to a non-functioning water pump, an adequate hand washing set-up was not found on board the unit. Hot and cold water must be available to remain in compliance. Food items tested above the required maximum of 41-degrees. Raw steak at 49-degrees, Cooked chicken at 50-degrees. All violations were not corrected with the inspector on site earning Taqueria El Buen Pastor, located on 12th avenue, a "Needs Improvement" rating.

Establishments recognized for "Excellent" ratings this week include, Mei Hon Tsing Tao Restaurant, at 1030 E. Irvington, Big Papas, at 5975 W. Western Way, and Trident Saloon, at 2033 E. Speedway.


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