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Jul 27, 2012 1:20 AM

Kitchen Cops gets 2 too-warm receptions

TUCSON - News 4 Tucson's 'Kitchen Cops' was back on the street this week, continuing the mission of keeping the restaurants you eat at safe.

Two of the most important headings on an inspector's report focus on sanitary conditions and the temperature of stored foods. Falling short on those requirements got two restaurants failing grades this week.

Hifalutin' restaurant received five critical violations. A cook was preparing food and drinking soda without washing his hands. Another left the cook line and returned wearing the same gloves, then handled food. A reach-in refrigerator contained food not being properly stored at the required 41-degrees or less. Cooked chicken was found stored at 60 degrees; cheese, sour cream and cream cheese dressing were stored at 50 degrees and over. Several kitchen items were also found to have built up food debris on them. All of those violations were corrected during the inspection, but a back flow problem to ensure separation of a sewage line and roof repair in the kitchen earned Hifalutin, at 6780 N. Oracle Road, a "Provisional" rating. Head Chef Tony Martinez contacted News 4 Tucson to report all the repairs had been made. Kitchen Cops confirmed the restaurant passed its re-inspection on Thursday.

Rosa's Mexican Food was written up for one critical violation. All refrigerated food items must be stored at the required 41 degrees or less. The restaurant's main walk-in refrigerator was found to be chilling all the food it contained at 45 degrees or higher. Shredded chicken was tested at 47 degrees, shredded beef at 50 degrees, and green chili at 48 degrees. The inspector requested immediate repair and that all items in the refrigeration unit be discarded. As a result, Rosa's Mexican Food, at 1750 E. Ft. Lowell Road, received a "Needs Improvement" rating.

Restaurants that received an excellent rating this week include: Olive Garden on 1205 W. Irvington, China View at 101 S. La Canada Drive and Texas Roadhouse at 170 S. Wilmot.


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