Nov 20, 2013 8:09 PM by Sean Mooney

Kitchen Cops: "Handy" employees lead to critical violations

TUCSON - When you go out for a meal you want to know the food you order is safe. To make that happen a team of health inspector's evaluate eating establishments all over Pima County every week.

This week's edition of Kitchen Cops featured a Pima County Health Inspector who was not impressed with a southside mexican restaurant's "handy" work.

Chicken Nuevo | 3102 E. Grant
Received three critical violations. An employee was observed handling money, then putting on gloves and handling utensils without first washing their hands. Another employee was seen handling raw chicken and then a clean knife without washing their hands. A hand sink was removed from the cook line without proper approval. A hand washing station must be available in a facility serving food. With violations not corrected during the inspection Chicken Nuevo, was given a "Needs Improvement" rating.

On November 12th, Chicken Nuevo, was evaluated again. A hand sink had not been installed and as a result, Chicken Nuevo failed re-inspection.

Crossroads Restaurant | 2602 S. 4th Ave.
Received three critical violations. Food items in a walk-in cooler were tested above the maximum 41 degrees, with refried beans at 55 degrees, rice 66 degrees and cooked chicken temped at 47 degrees. Clean pots and pans were stored on a shelf with a heavy buildup of grease and food debris on it. With all violations corrected with the inspector on site, Crossroads Restaurant, was given a "Good" rating.

In a statement Crossroads management said, "Food in the walk-in with high temperatures were in deep tubs, cooling process was not done properly, all food was discarded and replace all tubs for a shallow ones. Walk-in temperature is in compliance with health department regulations. Shelves under the prep table is located next the fryer. All grease and debris were cleaned at the time of inspection. Pots and pans were clean as well."

Restaurants awarded "Excellent" ratings:

  • Mariscos Chihuahua, 346 E. Grant ,
  • Viva Burrito Company, 2060 W. River Rd.


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